Tiara Wootton — Victoria, Australia

I’m not sure if I should keep it simple or long but it involves multiple people and some bad grudges. Idk who to do first but this is what I know. I told my family and friends at a Christmas party in 2018 that it was my girlfriend’s bedtime based on how we had been treated (i meant to be spiteful and I never went back) she took that to heart and went back to her player ex idfk his name and idc. On new years we went to the club and I saw them making out and dancing so I knew from then on what I was and went on to play the part. She was using me as an escape and a sugar daddy from the start. I’m just a fuking skateboarder btw who lives at home. Shed ask for rings, rides, food, I was being used for everything. Then I went on a ski trip and had to cancel our plans because my parents asked me to. Again gone to f**k her ex and I get blamed after. Fantastic. So I take her to dinners and brunches and all this good sht, drive her to work and school. Then I go to Calgary to get a better job GUESS WHAT back with the player. Then I turn it up a bit. I start asking for her to pay for food/gas/ my cigarettes. Then I leave her out to dry ONCE ONCE FUKING UNO just to see if she would open up. Naaaaahhh sick evil b***h got what she deserved. Don’t assume s**t from someone who cares so deeply about you. And don’t believe a f*****g word Baylee Wiswel has to say. De she’s the reason I’m in this mess. Evil f*****g b***h never got over the fact I let her use me to cheat on her boyfriend. And she used me a second time years after for drunk s*x. So yeah f**k these evil birches who think they can pull over on “nice guys”.

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