Steve Zeafla aka Dr Z but not a dr

This ugly, fat and bald cheater as you can see has backup women (and men) for when his main is busy because cant stand being alone. He’s a fraud who uses his fake lambo or cleared out 401k acct to buy vette to lure women. Its the only way he gets attention. He’s a drummer for a ok band so uses that too. He’s secretly bi and places ads on s*x sites to meet up with strange men. He’s over his head in debt to keep up the appearance that he’s wealthy in the many photo he takes of his belongings. This cheater doesn’t care if he hurts people or destroy life because he’s a narcissist so just moves on to the next person. He wants a woman to buy his food, cook clean while he pretends to care. Dont fall for his oh poor me when keep leaving me bs, women leave him cuz bust him and have photos to prove it. An ex says he gave her an std so who knows how many he’s infected. He sleeps with anything with a pulse even hookers.

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