Sara Ogre Lozano — Colorado

Met this piece of work in an online forum of sorts with my ex-husband. I was her boss in the said forum and she cozied up to me and spoke to him privately behind my back. Fast forward, she began sending raunchy photos of her g3nitals, body, and b*****s to him and at the time he had several sl@gs doing this, me finding out and confronting him about this. At one point De I suggested a polyamorous lifestyle since he obviously couldn’t commit to just one woman, and mind you I was his wife from 2009, with him since 2008 before finally having enough of his antics and leaving him in 2017. Anyway, an enormous story was made up of how I cheated with someone who was local, contracted have, had sexual relations with my ex-husband, and told him he added to get checked. All while still under the same roof which I denied any claim of. This troll appearing woman then went to my brother, fed him all of these lies I’ve mentioned to get him (my brother) on her side so that she didn’t have to feel guilty for stepping in on an eleven-year marriage. Since I’ve privately asked her to stop her banter and lies and was threatened with authorities. So? I come here to get MY truth out and send her a little message. Now, while I was with my ex-husband he had told me he looked picking fights with me, seeing my reactions. I had grown very ill on a serious note as I was abused not only physically, cornered in rooms against my will, and physically harmed by his family members, and ended up being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis from the traumatic years spent with this man. De there are so many women I could post that he’d messed around behind my back with, but this ugly stench takes the cake. Little did she know, he showed me all her naked pics against her asking him not to, said foul things about her to me while we still lived in the same home as husband and wife. I have a whole lot more I could pile on this post like how he threatened me with suicide constantly, or how he sexually assaulted my emotional support animal for his sick enjoyment… Or slept with his male cousin as a preteen. The list could go on and on, though they are each other’s karma. You can deal with his lying, manipulating, cheating, narcissistic lifestyle because he is never going to change for anyone. He’s too wrapped up in his own head, playing his games with his literal four-inch Vienna. You deserve each other.?

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