Richie Armento — New York

I dated Richie for almost a year , until De I caught him cheating on me with not 1 but 2 women. He is a pathological liar , always pretending to be working late at the hospital so that he could find time to sleep with other women. He would send us all flowers with the same note on it (we compared because we all found each other on social media) which by the way, he does not have any social to make it easier to cheat. It’s gotten so bad to the point where his future girlfriends are experiencing the same thing and somehow tracked me and his other ex down. He continues to repeat the same act, does not have respect for women , cannot express legitimate emotion because we believe he is an undiagnosed sociopath. He would fall off the face of the earth for days then blame it on his phone or he lost it etc. he can lie his way around anything! and worst of all, even when caught by multiple women, never apologized for his actions and continued to do it with others. Avoid him like the plague , this was not a one time thing , he is a serial cheater. In case you need more details , he works in medical sales , was a baseball player at [REDACTED]

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