Richard Coleman — Newark, New Jersey

I am on just starting and never had a date. Being very picky waiting for prince charming. And finally, here he is, Richard 60, a widower from Newark sent me an email. One only picture of a guy looking 45 years maxes something warm and friendly came from it and his first email. Youth look probably was the main factor for me to respond. The profile had a lot of blanks and I asked him to feel out the blanks including education and income. Richard responded with surprise that he needs to talk about his income and told me that he does not reach but was lucky to have a comfortable life. He told me that he got his education in Canada and is in engineering and consulting and moved to Newark for a new job assignment with permanent residence and selling his house in Canada. No one was there to tell me not to exchange personal emails, he had a yahoo account, Newark phone number and also offered to text so we can get to know each other this way. I told myself, “you are busy but you should contribute your time if you want to keep a nice guy, as the feeling I was getting. So we text each other for about two days, he emailed me more pictures with son’s family, with friends, with granddaughter and with stories about each of them and about a wife who died 8 years ago and mother in Canada and all my concerns about not being accepted were flying away and here I am already falling in love without even seeing the person or even talking on the phone. He wouldn’t mind meeting, but when I sent an email with arrangements for next weekend to meet, he didn’t answer my text and my email. I find it not normal considering the intensity of two prior days of communication and send an email where I told him that his behavior is inconsistent and I don’t want to hear from him again. In a few days on Sunday night, I received an email with apologies and a very serious excuse. His co-worker died just now after a fatal accident. Sounded unreal to me but I chose to believe, things happen. No one rushed to meet after that I was getting ready for a professional exam so we spoke with misunderstandings and happy make-ups. One day he asked for my address to send me a “very special present”. Who would say no to the present and man already talking about buying a house at a location convenient for me so I can stay close to my family? So I gave him my address with some doubts after that. So man still offers to meet any time I want. And after that, I receive an unplanned phone call. I have a head voice, which was too high like a young boy which absolutely didn’t match with man’s pictures, which was shocking but I made myself adjust since I felt like all my dreams are about to come true. So we can meet any time I wanted however he needed to leave for the UK for an unplanned very important business interview and ask me to stay in touch on Yahoo messenger. However, from UK (or I still question from where he might have never left) man contacted me on Yahoo and gave me his phone # with UK area code but stated that I am the only one who can call because somehow people can reach him but he cannot call anyone. I offered not to use the phone because it is too expensive for both of us. He agreed. So now when he is in the UK I get his ” very special gift” as he called it: a large bouquet of flowers with 12 roses and 5 lilies. I was all grateful and let him know that I see that he is a man of his word, said that will send me a gift, and did it. I and my family were happy and he and I were talking about meeting him at the airport for our first ” special” date as he was saying and asked me if I ” would love” to meet with him ( notice “would love” word). He sent me to recite showing proof of tickets for fly back to the US but for some reason with destination Newark airport, which obviously not in NY where I live. I showed my surprise that it should show JFK if he comes to meet me. And here we going closer to the end of the story. I usually don’t answer phone calls or text when I am at work and I make it clear for people who know me. So all of a sudden I start getting phone calls, yahoo messages, and after watching this extra activity, I found time and called back. Anyway, even I requested no phone communications we still had some minutes, which after all cost me $90. He would let me know that his first interview was very good and he and few more people were chosen from many. And he is waiting for the next interview and cannot wait to meet me when he comes back. But the story is not over. I finally made him understand that I would rather speak on yahoo messenger, which I activated just for him on my mobile. So I am asking when we back on yahoo, ” what’s the emergency?” First he let me know that his agent changes the ticket to land at JFK and will send me proof by email. Then he answered, that he needs my help. That was the moment when I realized that something bad is coming to me. De What would a man who said to be lucky being financially comfortable all his life would need from someone who hardly manages to pay my education loans would want from me in the UK? ( I guess my having closets “so full with clothes that I cannot find what I want” gave him hope) Anyway I asked, ” what kind of help he needs?” He answered, that in order for him to get a job he needs to open an account. I thought let have him talk until it is absolutely clear what he wants so I just answered OK?.. So he continues. He happened to leave for an interview unexpectedly and came unprepared and now in order to open an account he needs money “. it is their rule” he said. I said, ” how much they need?” He answered,” they need $5000 but he managed to get $3500, all he needs $1500. I continue to play. I am saying,” OK give me your account number in the US so I can make money from it and transfer it to you” . He answered, ” I don’t understand I was trying to contact my bank but have to be there in person in order to make a withdrawal. And I answered, “I don’t understand. What are you thinking that I am going to give my money to someone I never even met, you are trying to con me” any way big drama after that with” how could you even think such a thing, I would never ask you if I didn’t trust you, a few emails after I signed off yahoo, which I answered not choosing nice words. This is how my first romance on Match. com was over.

What made me madder now. He showed up in people I might know on Facebook under his own name with the last picture from the ones you see below.

I also saved confirmation of his tickets from London to Newark, but cannot download them here.

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