Qing du Boston University

Thought I would marry this girl. Qing du told me that it was her dream to be with me all the time. I met her at a club, we had s*x the first night we met. but she is educated, went to Boston university double major in accounting and finance. so I thought to myself, even if we met in the club, so what, she seems legit and loyal, at least she acted that way, but that’s far from the truth. I should have known better, later I found that she was dating a Chinese boyfriend living in California. So I thought she was just dating the two of us at the same time, but no, there are guys, mostly one night stands and her friends knew about it. I confronted her, but she just kept lying. I fxxxed her really hard the last time and I am done with her like I just got rid of a piece of trash. I am sure she will find a man who would clean up the mess other men made of her.

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