Paige Hollmeyer — Cincinnati, Ohio

I met this b***h “Pip” on Seeking Arrangements. Her real name is Paige Hollmeyer. Her life is a s**t show. Don’t waste your time on this lying, cheating s***t. Here is why: Shes 1 of a kind stuck up b***h!!!! She says she is an influencer and side models local shops clothing thinking see is all that even though she’s really a pretender. De she thinks her s**t doesnt stink even tho she talks c**p about people behind their back. She acts like a princess but lies to peoples faces about whats real. When she gets caught and called out on her BS she always plays the victim, lies even more to cover herself, and fake cries. Paige is a cheating sloppy sloot. She was living with Sam, who was going to pharm school. Every time he went to school or work during the day this sloot Paige Hollmeyer would go hook up with guys from Seeking Arrangement in the afternoon and f**k them for money. For two years she did this behind Sams back. Total slooore. When her BF graduated from pharmacy school and became a Dr. this beeach got pregnant. Or, so she said. Well her BF kicked her out onto the streets cause that baby wasnt his people say. And some people say she was just faking the baby to trap Sam into marrying her. Mysteriously right after they broke up her pregnancy disappeared. Back to slooting and making p**n. Paige is out on the streets and needs a place to live. She turns to her friend Rynn who does gay p**n on OnlyFans. Guess who starts doing p**n, banging him and posting s*x videos of them both on OnlyFans? Yup Paige Hollmeyer. Wonder if this is how she is paying for her share of the rent? And guess who is back on Seeking Arrangement floozing herself to old guys for money? Yup, Paige Hollmeyer. Don’t let Paige’s looks fool you… She is not what she pretends to be. Remember, when you catch her she will play the victim but as you know now she is a lying, cheating, floozy, p**n making, sloot who cant be trusted.

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