Olivia Jones — Ontario, Canada

This 18 year old is a total psycho . She keeps making fake Facebook Accounts to harass me and my friends. She is always sending nudes to different guys she meets online. She tells everyone she is latina she’s white! She is super racist . She can’t keep a job. She uses everyone for Pepsi and alcohol. Use a condom with this one! She says she’s pregnant every other month. She gossips about all of her friends. De she is unmedicated she has severe bipolar and shouldn’t be drinking or doing drugs. She smokes meth when she can’t get Pepsi. She calls all other girls fat but is anorexia. She makes fake FB profiles about herself then says it’s other people. She cheated on her bf found the next one online . Watch her around you’re man!! She kisses girls for attention. She looks NOTHING like this in person. watch out Peterborough!

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