Michelle Goetheyn — Windsor, Canada

Well, De she takes it up the a*s and loves to be f****d in both of her holes. She is the nasty and dirty person you will ever meet. She will lie and cheat and steal from you.

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  1. Unfortunately for the poster…IP has been given from legal department. Dirtyex own worst cheaters and s**t report… when ppl can afford a lawyer in USA…hello Police.

  2. When you make a post at 4:22 am..maybe your mind foggy maybe mental illness can be defence. M247 has been notified of abuse and has agreed to cooperate with police because terms and conditions violated

  3. Your report has been passed to the relevant team.
    As we have visibility of the IP/Domain mentioned.  Yes, you are correct in the IP user. I will close the case from our side. We are willing to speak to your authorities.
    Please be assured the support team will be taking care of this.

    Kind Regards,


    IS Classification: C-Confidential

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