It is an unfortunate and well know fact (particularly in the urban areas of the USA) that Jews, especially Jewish lawyers and judges, are religiously bound by their Rabbis and religion to be biased, in contravention to the United States Constitution, and 28 USC § 144, in favor of their fellow Jews in the courts.

That means if you have a Jewish opponent in court, whether he/she is a lawyer or a litigant against you, they are more likely going to win, if you have a Jewish judge.

That’s because their religion literally MANDATES them to do this, otherwise they get banned from their synagogues and extreme money power/loans of the global Jewish community headed up by the inventor of international banking, the Rothschild family.

To be cut off like that, is a price that no Jew is willing to pay, so 99% of the time, if another Jew asks them to throw you under the bus, rule against you unfavorable or unfairly, they will quickly and gladly do so, because its either them, or you.

No other religion, race or nationality has this problem, to such an extreme, and it’s all because global Jews control 99% of the world’s money supply through international banking – and “money talks, bullshit walks.”

And even though its pretty easy to tell who a Jew is if they are German-Jewish with their names (“Schwartz,” “Einstein,” etc), it’s much harder to tell if they are Italian or Spanish Jews, who are the most dangerous, secretive and unfair of all (called “Marano Jews”), because they pretend to be dark-skinned minorities like the people that they screw over on a regular basis in the courts.

However, there are some tell-tale signs for Spanish jews who often have an “s” at the end of their last names instead of a “z,’ like “Rodrigues,” or “Paes,” or “Peres.”

Italian Jews often have a “sch” thrown in their somewhere, like “Schudieri,” or “Specchia” or “Squillace.”

Word to the wise and watch out – if you are surrounded by Jews in the court, and you’re not one of them, you are going to lose, and lose hard.

If it’s totally obvious, and people suspect something, they usually throw in a compliant, submissive and cooperative black “magistrate” judge or other minority (gays, extreme feminists, latinos are also used) to make it look like the jews had nothing to do with it.

If you have had this experience please take the time to list the “secret Jew” here, either a Judge, Lawyer, or Litigant who managed to beat you in court, simply because they were Jewish.

Together maybe we can the word out, and take our American judicial system and courts back from these dishonest lying thieving p****s.

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