Lucinda Delgado — Denver, Colorado

Going keep it short see this weird azz b***h stay the f*k away on some real s**t bich all u can do is stalk n talk s**t bout ur mans one-legged hoe n other people tell all these people what an Imagination u have like faking a birth of a kid taking pics out of. Magazines and making a shrine in ur whole make house of this family just to de keep a fool wtf bich ain’t u like 60 where this kid now still in another state like u told everyone so called baby was sick in another state bich u need help like fast n yes u and ur dude or whatever u wanna call that weird f*k have the drds I think you n him and his one legged herpz b***h should just all be together all 3 y’all weird anyway n b***h stop talkin about people cuzz u don’t want the smoke 💯I think u should go back to smoking crack kuz meth is fukin u up all recording people in ur car n ur houses ur weird a*s old lady

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