Jillian Walsh, Jill Huish, Jill Osier, Jill Huish – Osier

Why so many names? Well because this psychopathic nut job uses any g*d d**n name she wants whether it’s a legal name or not. She is a catfishing, child abusing, cheating, homewrecker!!! I am a person that was concived by this childish alcoholic troll!! I am not her child, nope!!! Not me and not my siblings. Just because she birthd us does not make us her kids and it sure as h**l does NOT make her our mother!!! I just share some of the same blood as her and that is IT!!! She is not a mother!! A mother does not fat shame kids there entire life, call them stupid or beat on her kids. And I am not talking about a spanking or even a belt… actual closed fist pushing us down the stairs threatning to kill our dog abusive!!! That is not a mother!!! Jill is an abusive drunk and hate is a understatement of what I feel of this monster !!! So why am I posting this now???? Why haven’t I posted before??? Because I am a d**n adult now……. WE ALL ARE… and she feels the need to stalk me and follow us on iur employer’s pages on Facebook and call around asking where we are at our place of work!! I don’t f*****g care if it Burger King or the d**n military she has NO right to even go there!!! We haven’t spoke to this psycho in over 8 yrs mot one d**n word!! Consider it a divorce!!! She has NO RIGHT to cross that line or cross the boundaries she does and I am and WE ARE fed the h**l up!!! So Jill if you ever come across this or if any of you friends and family that harass us with messages and stalk us on social media could you f**k the h**l off already or tell her to f**k off. It will never happen she will never see or speak to us again!!! That ship sailed ALONG time ago!!! Don’t bother us and don’t bother the family we are making of our own now!!! You have no rights to kids we have or our girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands or wives!!! They will NEVER know you!!! I know one of my siblings has posted on here a billion times telling you to stop so just STOP!!! Live YOUR LIFE and stay out of ours!!! Let me make this clear….. WE ARE NO LONGER YOUR CHILDREN AND YOU ARE NOT OUR MOTHER!! You don’t get to do the things you did to us, lie to everyone by saying we are full of s**t, and then think you have any right to the title of a mother!! We have a mom that loves us and we love her!!! She was the only mom that actually showed us what a mom is!! And the nurturing she showed was totally different from what YOU lacked!!! And one last stab… who’s the ugly and fat one now???? YOU!!!! Surely not any of us!!! We all lost weight when we stopped seeing you!!! We were overweight because of YOU and your mental and physical abuse!!! You tell a kid there stupid fat or ugly they grow up believing that!! You wrecked our selfesteem!! Thank g*d we were shown real love by our dad and from a woman that did have to but chose to because she saw something in us you NEVER did!!! All you cared about was getting even and trashing our entire family!!!
Go away!!! Don’t contact us if anyone dies. We don’t even want to hear if you do someday and I am sure you will drink yourself to the grave eventually!!! And vues what… we wouldn’t care or shed one teer!!!

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  1. Heeeeyyyyyu whaaaat!!! I know this lady!!! I knew she was a crack head!!! I bet money on it years ago!!! Looks like I have some bet money owed to me!!!!

  2. Well she’s a pathetic!!! Noting has changed!! Now she us stalking more people these days and stalking the normal peeps more than ever!!! Old age just makes her even worse and more immature!! She is so f*****g UGLY to!!! And you won’t believe this……. well maybe you will cuz it isn’t at all shocking but she is lying about her daughter and stalked her daughters baby daddy out sent him A MESSENGE ON FACEBOOK and said she new lots about her daughter he could use against her in court for there custody case!!!! I AM DEAD SERIOUS!!!! AND I READ THE MESSAGE SHE SENT HIM!!! It was EVIL!!! SHE IS A COMPLETE NARCISSISTIC!!! And its apparently the direction her daughter went to!!! All those drugs and losing custody and just like her mom married a guy right after meeting him and just gave up on her kid!!! Wow!!! Good one JILL OSIER!!! You officially f***** up one of your kids!!!

  3. This woman is DISGUSTING! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!! 100,000,000% aren’t enough zeros in the world for a accurate % disgusting!! I have thank G*D never met her my husband will not ever let her around me or our children because of the gigantic amount of hate he was for this b**** and mostly ALL her family!!! She put him and other kids through h**l with her mental abusing gaslighting fat shaming abilities and she can make ones believe they are nothing like she tells them they are!!! She ruined her daughter for life!! That girl went so sideways because of the H**L this ABUSIVE woman who was SUPOSED TO BE a MOTHER put her thru!! Did you all know Jill fought for her weekends back with her kids and when she was granted her weekends back she literally NEVER showed up at the drop off court appointed location nor did she even CALL them or try ever again!! She lies when she says she tried!! Bahaaahaaa!!! She lied when she said she was given the WRONG number too!! Know how I know?!?! Because I guess JILL WALSH HUISH OSIER’S own parents there grandparents called the kids on numerous occasions and left them messages!!! Those messages are STILL in there dads hands to this day!!! And she also knew that there dad and mom were at the drop off location waiting on Jill because the grandparents were called asking where Jill was at and the grandparents called her to tell her each time that they were there waiting for her!!! Want to know why she wasn’t showing up?!!??!! Well for one she was at a bar each time getting wasted and second of all the entire court fight wasn’t because she wanted the kids ever in the firstplace!!! She wanted only access to there dad and there mom life!!! She refused to see the kids or call the kids unless he allowed Jill to have HIS cell phone number and let her to pick the kids up at him and his wife’s home and allow Jill to come inside!!!! Like…WHAT?!!??!! Like they were going to EVER let her do that!!! Thats how delusional and full of obsession and control this crazy c*** has!!!! It was NEVER and has NEVER been about her wanting to see her kids or make things better!!! It was and still is ALL about getting her crazy f*k’n self into that man and his wife’s life!!! SHE IS OBSESSED WITH THEM!!!! And she will NEVER see or meet ANY of her kids children EVER!! So lets get that out there perfectly clear!!! SHE IS NOT A GRANDPARENT and NEVER WILL BE even considered a tiny bit as a grandparent to any of these babies or future babies!!! They will never l know anything more of Jill than that she is a crazy child abuser that they are NEVER to approach her if she ever were to try!!! They will be sent to school with a picture of her UGLY FAT OLD MUG so the schools are well aware to call the police on this psycho if she EVER comes near ANY of them!! I hate this woman!!! Putting her kids through YEARS of harassing tourment was bad enough but now she got to start stalking the babies!! Over my dead body!!! She needs to be locked the h**l up!!! She’s a psycho!!! FU***** STOP THE MESSAGES!!! THE ONES YOU ARE SENDING FROM YOUR REAL ACCOUNTS AND THE ONES YOU MADE THE ACCOUNTS YOU MADE THE F*** UP!!! And STOP having your family sending people messages to!!! Everyone you mess with are SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!! Its been YEARS OF being told to GO THE F AWAY!!! So respect that and F OFF!! If not you’ll find yourself in JAIL LADY!!!

    1. Hup! She’s a total psychopath!!! F***s her friends over, especially her best friend or so she calls her…. her kids g*d I feel bad for them!! Rhe way she talks about them is absolutely disgusting!! Not to leave out the fact she gives them NO respect by honoring their wishes by going the f**k away!!! All she does is stalk stalk stalk!!! CONSTANTLY!! NO BOUNDARIES!!! They tl her to getnoutnof their lives and she refuses!!! Not to mention her throwing her daughter under the bus and trying to ruin her life more then she already has!!! Sje cheated on her last man constantly and used him for a place to live for free!!! His poor daughter!!! Had to witness her insane drunk temper tantrums and constantly putting her dad down and putting her in the middle!!! Mental abuse!!!

  4. That’s because she’s a f******* manipulative child abusing c**t!!! She might not lay hands on kids anymore but the mental abuse and mindfk’g is STILL a major part of her abuse tactics!!! Sick part is she reals these boyfriends kids in in a way that they almost idolize Jill at the beginning!!! Jill agrees with with everything they say, acts more like a best adult friend instead of a responsible adult role model, spoils them with girl days or boy fun if they are boys and this lasts until she has groomed them and their dad into thinking she is wonderful!!!! Then she flips!!! She becomes jealous over the child’s relationship with there real mom and starts really trashing the mom and making up things to really confuse the child and even question if there real mom actually loves them!! It’s really f***ed!!! I have seen her do it with 2 boyfriends now and heard about her doing it to 3 other’s!!! She only dates men with minor children and that’s because just like a pedo ( and no I am not calling her that at all its an example ) or someone with child abusing obsessions she seeks them out so she can groom both dad and usually its a daughter so she can take control so she has the upper hand and power to psychologically damage the relationship between her and her parents, use them as a tool to stay with dad, use them as a tool after dads kick her a** out, manipulate the child’s own thoughts and decisions……. so mentally and emotionally abuse them!!! I’m sorry if others do not agree with that being what it is… I have had many discussions with many of you in our group of coworker friends and your opinion is that she’s just messed up, drinks to much, and needs help…. and those things are all true buy it goes MUCH DEEPER then just those things!!! She is not oblivious to what she is doing my friends!!! She knows EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS DOING!!! She just plays poor misunderstood Jill and I am the victim card with everyone!!! Google psychological, mental, gaslighting, abuse!! You will find checklists and guarentee just like I did you will check every f****** box with a score of a “f****** run for your life %”
    I am a dad and I see it and I know if I brought another woman in my kids life and she did what I have seen and heard…. not only would their mother fund a way to see she was held responsible in the eyes of a court jury…. SO would I!!! So I FULLY believe to every single post and opinion made in here especially the ones that are from her child or children or about what she did to them is probably TRUE!!! AND I think Jill knows she has done ALL these things and denies them because she is to selfish and self absorbed to admit things but also because she is such a narcissist she actually believes she us in the right to be this way!!! Food for thought!! Rant over!!🎤

    1. How about when she posts pictures or memes acting all innocent but it’s her way to publicly tell people she’s in their area stalking them!! Like the background photo she has up right now of the street with trees that is obviously a drone photo of a town one of her stalking victims live in…. that’s her way of telling them watch out I’m here and watching you!!! What a f****** psycho!! And fat and ugly…. she is so gross now!!!

  5. Here we go again…!… So jelly over Jill it’s so obvious!!!! Her daughter Emilee is a snot nosed little tweeker b***h that lost her daughter and lied about JILL all these years to keep JILL away because Jill wouldn’t allow her to act spoiled and disapline like taking phone away which she shouldn’t have had so young anyway and grounded because that’s what you do with a entitled kid who wants to throw fits and lie cuz daddy and step mother spoils her!!! Emilee’s loss NOT JILLS!! JILLS life better and she is rock’n life by the straws!! So say whatever you must…!!! Jill and her family and friends know!!! They know she’s a good heart and good person as it shows on the daily!!! So f**k OFF!!!

  6. Lets share and compare….. I’ll start! Here’s the question…..- what broke the camel’s back or in other terms what was your final straw with Jill Jillian Jilly Walsh Huish hippopotamus Michael Jackson face stalker troll Osier?
    Mine was at a gathering with our friends and Jill was on her lips skunk drunk. Shocking I know…… she was outside so was I and she tried kissing me even though she is VERY (questionable) close friends with my wife. I said stop it and pushed her away and so she grabbed my d**k. I was wearing pants. Not the point because it should’ve NEVER happened!! My wife and I were separated but working on things separately so we could better ourselves and get back together if we felt it was the right thing. My wife is a beautiful and a amazing friend to ALL her friends including that self riotous homewrecker!! Even if i weren’t married wouldn’t touch her!! After she pulled that s**t she tried everything to make my wife think I was a POS and constantly trying to cause pain and friction between us!! Not because she wanted her all to herself because she wanted to make sure if i told my wife what she did that my wife would think I either think I was full of s**t or think I was the one that pulled a Trump grab er’ by the p***y move!! Come to find out 9 or 10 months later that I am not the only husband put in this position with Jill!! She’s done it to a couple more of her friends husbands!!!!!! Actually one is a husband and ones a LONG time boyfriend!
    So that was my last straw with this woman!! She is a husband’s wife best friends nightmare!
    What is yours??

  7. idk if this was my last straw I am not a huge fan of her but have no choice really to be around her sometimes. But I’m friends with her best friend and I didn’t hear this straight from Jill honestly I don’t see Jill much lately at all… but I guess she is just on her CooCoo sauce really bad these days and is completely trashing her family for not getting her way and them not liking her attitude!! And the cousin she’s always and hot and sexy and says he’s to fuckable to have a fat frumpy wife ( her words not mine ) well she’s all the sudden p****d at him and spreading gossip he’s a drunk crack smoking wanna be rock star guitarist that sucks at it!! Like what the fucknis up with this toddler lady??? What a tantrum throwing s**t skunk!!!

    1. So she does go crazy on little kids?!! I knew her feel sorry for me I’m being lied about by my own kids I’m such a great mother sob story was a bunch of bulshit!!! Why should everyone believe her when she proves her pitty me s*** are lies!!! Like I am just a social drinker and have one beer at night s*** everyone knows she’s a s*** show of a drunk!!! Or her I do talk badly on anyone especially my kids when that’s all she does!! She says horrible things about people especially her daughter and oldest son and his wife!!! Not even her best friend is safe from jills bad mouth!!! She says terrible s*** about her especially when she’s drunk or still hungover!!! I told a bunch of people about this report a cheater so hold on for some really messed up stores to your post!!! She’s f***** with A LOT of peeps!!!

  8. When I realized she was nothing but a two faced compulsive lying and whacked out of her mind person with a serious drinking and pill problem!!! She has NO morals! NONE!!! She throws even her elderly parents under the bus for her OWN self induced issues because EVERYONE but HERSELF caused her problems!! NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is her fault! No accountability whatsoever!!! Seriously that is the definition of a narcissist!!! And I think she’s probably a diagnosed narc and just doesn’t tell people!!!! Tell me how one person can have the SAME type of ex husbands and divorces and say BOTH abused her? How can both divorces end with children from both fathers estrange from her claiming abuse????? AND BOTH ex husbands have new wives and she is being set up by both the new wives?? AND here’s the kicker…. BOTH are stalkers along with there wives???? When ALL she shows is her stalking,lying about them ALL, talking s*** about them ALL CONSTANTLY??? She is a lier a stalker and completely obsessed with her ex husbands , there lives AND there wives!!! She don’t care about having a relationship with her kids!!! They’re just a tool!!! She wants that relationship so badly to get more insight into her husband’s sorry I mean EX husband’s lives!! She wants back in!!! She’s nutso!!!
    I guess my last straw was the first week knowing her at work realizing she a as a lying fat ugly s*** bag!!!! And when I say she’s ugly I mean UGLY!!! BOTH inside and out!!! She always had weird patches all over her face from drinking, smells of old alcohol all the time and her face was constantly bloated like a puff fish from all the alcohol she drinks and all her hangovers!!!

  9. I wrote a post on here last night bout 5 times then backed out because I have never done something like this and I am nervous she will figure out who wrote this post cuz she has already blamed just about all of us who are or were friends with her at one point the past couple years. Even me I think and I have never wrote or participated in calling her out. But I do think my words need to be out there cuz she is really a mess of a person to the point its scary to me and others !! She makes c**p up!!! This thing she did to her daughter really upset me I read her message to her daughter’s ex husband the babies father and it REALLY bothered me!! She was willing to make up lies about her own child for selfish reasons!! And those selfish reasons are because her last ex husband’s wife and him are also now grandparents and because are she wants to be. And she wants to be closer to the first ex husband and his wife so she can stalk and harass them more. Nothing has ever been about her own kids or their kids!! Everything is focused and directed to access of controlling, or ruining, stalking and flat-out being obsessed with them and their marriage!! She stalks them numerous times a day, screen shots every picture or post she can find of his wife’s social media’s and becomes fixated on her all d**n day!!! Everyday! This goes for her other ex husband and his new wife too!! It’s non stop since I have known her and it’s CREEPY!! AND IT IS SCARY!!! She will snap someday!!! Its a matter of when!! She is obsessed, mentally ill, fixated and unstable. Bad combination!!

  10. Well nearly the entire state of washington laughs at you and also pitty you because of how sad and pathetic you STILL are!! You would think after two husbands walking completely out if your life, countless boyfriends walking away from your batshit, crazy, mean, vengeful, cheating, alcoholic a*s, losing more than half your families trust, support, and ALL your children, step children, and boyfriends children ending up alliananted and terrified of you that ATLEAST ONE of those reasons ALONE would change someone like you to do better! But NOPE! YOU GET WORSE BY THE YEAR, MONTH,WEEK,DAY,HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND! Can any of your ex husbands or boyfriends move on without you going of the rails and cause you to stalk your exes, exes girlfriends, there friends, family children, work places, your children your grand children and SSSSOOOOOO OOOOOONNNNNNNN ?!!!!!!!!!!
    Seeing pictures of what you look like now and how you look EXACTLY like who you are on the inside and who you are as a person now is insane! UGLY! You mirror your empty, SAD, ugly, heartless and cold soul!! You look aweful!! You let yourself go and all these years of being a petty little b***h and all your bipolar manic episodes FUELED with alcohol binges and days of not sleeping and replaced with stalking and making shot up it has aged you and made you look nothing like you used to!! You look like a fat old lady who had a stroke!! One side if your face obviously drops and one eye and brow stays up while the other side droops down!! It looks like you are handicapped now!! And that isn’t to be funny it’s the absolute truth!! All your pictures on Google and on your social media especially the one you have been on and off using for the past 3 or 4 years the one you have up now……. and as pretty as you THINK you look in it and in general to this day appearance STILL shows how f*****g disgusting you look!! And that picture is atleast 3 or 4 years old!!!!! You won’t use a today picture because even you know you chose alcohol, smoking like a chimney, and keeping your ugly sick soul that made you ugly on the outside in over bettering yourself, stopping drinking, stopping lying and accusing people of s**t and making up your f*****g lies and ruining people daily over taking care of yourself and getting some f*****g help!!!
    You are SO PATHETIC AND SAD! What a shame you don’t see this! Maybe you’d get some help if you did see what EVERYONE including your friends and family see! And everyone you eventually show your true terrible self absorbed b***h self to!!!!

  11. Horrifically unstable woman!! If you hope over to cheater diaries there is a post of the evil she just did to a baby. This low life deserves putt, no friends, nobody!! She is abusive and repulsive to this day!!! Jill you ARE a MONSTER!!!

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