Jessica Nicole Brackin — Colorado

Why is it that the biggest s***t is always the most religious? The Bible can’t save this fat ratchet h0 and her lying lips. This s***t preaches the gospel and claims she has integrity and lives a pure life……but the slore is sleeping with other women’s husbands! De She finally found some poor sucker that decided to leave his WIFE to pursue the long term with this h0-bag…..while the s***k preys on insecurities and leads another woman’s b*tch a*5 husband around by his lying cheating nose on the side. I guess the Lord sendeth you all the weak-a*5 husbands that leave behind a truly blessed woman lucky enough to be rid of the loser. Watch out ladies, this sexually immoral and adulterous Sloot is snail trailing her way your direction to try to suck the snott end of your man’s f*#* stick! A big round of applause for Canon City, Colorado’s sk@nkiest homewrecker, Jessica Nicole Brackin.

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