Jaymi Irene Patton — Michigan

Caught this stripper slore sleeping with my husband for several months last year through her snapchat savsovereign, trying to get money out of him, and knowing the entire time he was with someone. Here’s some of her public photos. If you are reading this Jaymi, good. You deserve to be called out for ruining people’s lives. Since you are nowhere to be found online, probably due to your choice of ‘career’, this will be one of the first sites that pop up when someone searches your legal name. You should spend some time learning SEO instead of your sad attempts to steal someone’s husband. They just use you for your body, they will never put a ring on it honey. Stripping is one thing, but once you meddle in people’s relationships by preying on men with low self-esteem, you have overstepped. One day the same will happen to you, and it will be glorious. Also, as a christmas gift, I reported your little premium snap to the IRS for tax evasion. Have a nice life, b***h

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