Hali Rode gave me Herpes Type 2

I met Hali Rode on tinder. She was my first I’m embarrassed to admit. I’m only in college so she told me she would teach me all the tricks. She guaranteed me she was clean. I should have known better but I was just desperate dude wanting to finally get laid. I’m now suffering from outbreaks and pretty much screwed. I’ll never be the same and I’m scarred for life. Not to mention she lied to me and has a live in boyfriend because when I called her to tell her what she did to me, she told me she’s in a relationship and couldn’t face the situation. Said to deal with it on my own. She’s a dirty liar and I hope she rots and gets what she deserves. Hope her bf knows she’s infected also. Don’t fall into her tinder profile, she’s not as cute as her pictures. She smells and looks awful without filters.

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