Egle Adomaityte — Ontario, Canada

meet Egle Adomaityte ; Lithuania’s Finest Export and Leamington Ontario’s most competitive companion. She came to town got knocked upped very rapidly and then cut baby daddy out! Her attire is diplomatic but under that dress you’ll find a tattoo with “White people are the best!” It’s written right across her chest. – Egle please remember your in Leamington , and your a immigrant from Eastern Europe , a former Soviet bloc (understatement coming up) rac1st country called Lithuania , you know that country beside Poland. states she’s from Leamington and an expert of the cultivation of marijuana , l***o , Did you quit those jobs , or did you get fired and pushed out from them. Survey Says – Leaves the kid with her Gyn@**drous mother every weekend to go party with one of her Pespi FWB’s. Oh wait she says I never tried pespi – Egle please tell the people who you quickly took off your clothes for and take another survey ,ok. Wrap and mask , it’s dirty and smells like a rotten fish market. Runs in the family , her sister is on this site as well!

5 Replies to “Egle Adomaityte — Ontario, Canada”

  1. After f*****g B (I don’t shower) M and The greatest player of all time BC (everyone knows you guys f****d for a few weeks) , can you say to yourself your cleaner than a hooker Egle Adomaityte. Oh I wonder who you’ll be f*****g once the stallions are done using you ! Maybe you’ll turn lesbian like mommy , l***o. Your a crazy racist dirty b***h ! F**k you !

  2. Your daughter will grow up being used by male s***s just like you Egle 99.9% 🤣🤣🤣, Egle your v****a is so big after getting f****d by BC and powder head I stink like Body Odour BM , you can probably see Lithuanian if one looked into it . S***s can land men of their dreams , but not with a kid especially a toasty one . so just keep f*****g your dirty stinky s**t. Suck some Indian and Black d**k b***h !!

  3. Psycho EGLE , l***o , she’s getting old and so are you , better go back to the dirty coke-head you were with for 3 years or go back to Leamington’s player . At least you’ll get the weekend pool parties with BM. Get matching coveralls lol .

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