Dont date Wayne Leslie Hockey – Australia

A man who likes to sleep with Thai prostitutes, lie to his wife and possibly infect her with aids as he did not even bother getting checked for it. He also likes to sleep with single mothers and bar maids that he picks up through working as a chef. This man has serious problems and is a parasite that likes to attach himself to a strong independent woman for money issues and then bring her down and also have his cake and eat if with little whores. He has since been dumped by numerous girlfriends who worked out there are some serious issues there. Just ask him about his family background and then run a mile. Don’t feel sorry for him. He is an expert at playing the victim and sucking in kind hearted women. Don’t give him any money as he will drink it or gamble it away or spend it lavishly as he refuses to get a real job and provide for himself.

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