Darren Chapman Lexington KY

Is attracted to young teens. Doesnt mess with them but who knows about looking at pics or engaging in chats. I cant say for sure. But what I can say for sure is that he has abused crisis helplines for his own sexual purposes. They called him but never reported it to the police. Because there were no minors involved. He is considered by many of the healthcare workers at the phone Help Services to be the kind of person who needs to be on the offender registry, and possibly jail, but hasn’t been caught or committed enough of a crime. Is a predator because he engages in sexual chat with adults under a false pretense. For personal gratification. I assume that means playing with himself. Likely what happened with the phone calls. Perhaps making a report to the police in Fayette or surrounding counties would help. The more reports the better. He belongs Behind Bars. Traumatized woman at nuvista Help Services over the phone. No consequences at all for that. Also has an old misdemeanor warrant in Cincinnati.

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  1. This is in regards to Darren Chapman that is listed. I would like more information but I think there is a possibility that he could be charged. People like this need to spend some time in jail and at least need to be on a s*x offender registry for a long time if not the rest of their lives. If you read this take the time to report his behaviors listed above

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