Brittany Toshi — Renton, Washington

Brittany Toshi is a backstabbing w***e! As someone I considered a friend, she was one of the first people I confided in when I found out my husband was cheating on me with a mystery women. But guess who it was all along??!! They made up a story about a fictional woman in an attempt to cover up their own infidelity. De they say their union happened after our split but I have gathered enough evidence to prove that she was the one my husband was cheating on me with all along! They told me that they didnt mean for this to happen and they want us to be amicable but that will never happen. There is a young child involved who has had a terrible time with the separation. I am left with all of the responsibilities of parenting, homeownership and now working longer days to pay the bills that he left me with while these two live at home with their parents and have ZERO responsibilities, no bills to pay, no garbage to take out, no grass to cut, or house to repair. They are selfish POS, who deserve the karma they are due. He has cheated before me and will do the same to her. GOOD LUCK!

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