Brigita Adomaityte- Gold digging Disgusting Hoe

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Brigita Adomaityte Leamington Ontario’s biggest hoe. If you got money or a nice car, Brigita is down for you. Players only, nice guys stay away as she will eat you alive and leave you broke. De If you decide to hit this then you’ll find her at the Leamington Marina walking her dog that she probably does when she has nothing hard. Just remember please for your own good wrap and keep your mask on – it’s dirty as h**l as smell like a rotten fish market.

3 Replies to “Brigita Adomaityte- Gold digging Disgusting Hoe”

  1. Your entire family is f****d. From your flip flop mom who can’t decide weather she likes men or women, to your sister who thinks she’s the biggest catch in town. L***o. Your sister Egle is a dirty racist s**t just like you ! Can’t wait to see what our little Baltic’s will turn out to be like. Adomaityte’s please get to bars ASAP when they open shortly and bend with your face against the wall (you girls are horrendous without makeup) when Leamington men say so, they want and need some of this Lithuanian Honey that always comes for them. 😷

  2. Any relatives need a green card , would love to hookup with a Adomaityte, a clean one that is , word from the men who have penetrated you lovely angles is that you girls are dirty and your vaginas stink. Please message me if you have a cousin with a clean v****a. My p***s is the perfect width but a little too long. Word from BC is you girls ain’t got no problem with size and love to milk it dry. Inexperience is best , So I can teach her how exactly to take my big p***s in her mouth and v****a. Oh Brigita and Egle , men view you girls nothing but 20 min oil change stop. Now get out to the bars or a pool party tonight, find a stallion and change oil tonight. Your great role models, You’ll be grandmas soon enough!

  3. Montreal misses you Brigita, we miss the gangbangs, you were so submissive, a true little Angel you are , just like you sister Egle , g*d bless you both. Come back to Quebec and bring the Fam with ya, we’ll love to make it snow of your faces ! In the meantime get out in Leamington and suck and f**k it you dirty hoes ! A hour of washing my d**k couldn’t take the smell of you off Brigita ! You really really really stink like a rotten fish market😷😷😷😷😷😷

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