Breanna Loseke — Arvada Colorado

Breanna Loseke, an individual who has mastered home wrecking, both her own and others. She can fool anyone with her first impression. She tries to present herself as a loving wife and mother but behind closed doors she is flirting and ruining marriages in other “acts”. A dietary manager that truly only wants to manage men she is not married to. If she is as unfaithful to her husband as she is to her friends and family, then beware of this ticking time bomb. In this age of women empowerment, I truly feel sorry for Breanna’s daughter. De she will never know the meaning of being faithful; nor will this child know the meaning of honesty, integrity or morals. Men go to Breanna because they know she can keep a secret affair. The number of affairs is hard to tell with this women, but you know what they say, “once a home wrecker….”

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