Brandon vonAhlefeld Mason, Oh

Lebanon,Oh. South Lebanon, oh. This man, if you can classify him as such, is the epitome of a lying, cheating scumbag! Ladies BEWARE! He will lie, cheat and steal from you. He pays for nothing and takes from everyone. He brags abt all the free meals he gets on duty and the pu*** thrown at him while on duty. He uses his cruiser to hook up with women all over Warren County. He received a slap on the wrist for doing this while married with two very young children. They were very aware of his behavior, it’s all in his personnel file which is public record. He was also arrested for child abuse/child endangerment although those charges were dropped because his ex wife wanted to move their children to a different school district. His mugshot can be googled. He likes to use the word ‘sigh’ when reeling you in. Buys all the ladies the same perfume, Lancôme La vie est belle. He will send you a ton of selfies and d**k pics. I have plenty if you want them! He’s very insecure and has a temper. Do not let him have control over your phone, he says it makes him feel safe while he’s trolling women daily to jack off to. Brandon Phillip vonAhlefeld is vile person with no morals. He is currently 49 years old with 3 boys.

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