Ari Yankton Rivas — Denver, Colorado

Let me tell you about this female shes first of all FATT second of all DISGUSTING, she has kids tht she doesn’t take care of has a husband thts a cry baby B***H and gives her $8,000 a month and the femaleives in government housing gets food stamps tanif all tht s**t and dont need it for nothing .. She sells her food stamps to buy alcohol to drink … She has a birth mark on her face that looks like a bruse she called the cops on ber husband and told the cops that it was a black eye and bruse from her husband beating her when Sherman well k led he NEVER put his hands on her … De Shes from a ratchette a*5 town called pine ridge south Dakota grew up in a tin can broke nothing and now she thi ks because she found a stuoid mexican with money shes the s**t… CUT THE GAMES HOE UR STILL A BROKE A*5 B***H THTAST LIVES OFF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY… GET A FUKING JOB AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN. KIDS…. She posts her nasty fatt a*5 on chatterbate to make money and the b***h never does… Sjes just all-around DISGUSTING A*5 CREATURE…

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