Ammar Sameer Rasoul Tayaran – Australia

Description: Ammar Tayaran (Ammar Sameer Rasoul Tayaran, Ammar Sameer on Facebook, Dating sites as Semhoon on RSPV, David Sharl Semhoon on OzCasualDating: Adult Casual Dating and S*x Contacts and Uro_surg on Twitter) is currently (’11 + ’12) a Medical Officer (doctor) at Western Health in Melbourne. He is of Middle Eastern appearance, dark and approximately 6ft tall. This man has a wife/fiancee, Rahmaa, back home in Iraq. He will lie to you about her and basically just wants to use women here in Australia for s*x. He is working to have his partner brought over here to Australia, but is currently sleeping with and fooling around with more than one girl. He tells women half truths and never the FULL story of ANYTHING. He just turns out to be sleazy and manipulative. Do not be fooled by his profession, education or clever words. Believe the OPPOSITE of what he tells you. He is a COMPULSIVE LIAR and is constantly vague about his wife, his residential status here in Australia and his long term intentions here. He may even try to use you for a “green card”. Stay away, this man is nothing but an absolute pathetic loser and nothing but trouble. He is self absorbed, self important and has a nasty side. Do not fall for this lying, cheater.. He is a true definition of a B*****D.Dr Ammar Sameer Rasoul Tayaran Profession: Medical Practitioner Registration number: MED0001620040 Date of first registration: 08/03/2011

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