Abbi Allen — Denver, Colorado

Abbi recently lost her husband due to suicide but what everyone doesn’t know is she gave him lifetime stds and taunted him over it and told him repeatedly to kill himself. She posts sad videos daily but she literally drove him to lose it and kill himself. She slept with her husband’s best friend not even a month after his death. She sleeps with multiple men spreading her STD and if they get it she acts as it came from them! De she’s a terrible mother even before her husband offed himself he posted about her being a bad mom. So beware if you are sleeping with this woman unprotected you most likely have one of the two stds she has if not both! She plays the victim and Manipulates everyone she comes in contact with. She’s a monster and needs to be outed! All she does is lie party do drugs sleep with everyone and be a bad mom.

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